Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A New Marijuana Service

This Marijuana Related Service Will Make Your Holidays Better

Although this is not a business review blog, I thought the company that I am going to talk about here is quite interesting and since it has to do with marijuana, I did not find a reason why not to post this. Believe it or not, two entrepreneurs have recently created a tourism company, which revolves around the cannabis plant and it is called My 420 Tours.

This tour company was started by two entrepreneurs, from the beautiful city of Denver, Colorado and which is one of the places in the US, where medicinal and recreational cannabis is now accepted. The two entrepreneurs have also been involved in the medical marijuana industry for quite some time and with the recent changes in State regulations, it was finally possible for them to open this business.

The first tour service related to marijuana in the US, will take between April 17 to April 23 and it will be taking its passengers to the World Cannabis Week event in Denver, Colorado.  The event was organized according to 420 traditions, as this event will include April 20 or 4/20 in its itinerary, which is a date that most cannabis fans consider a holiday.

According to James Walker, who is the CEO of My 420 Tours, “World Cannabis Week will be the Napa Valley of cannabis tours; we are excited to show our guests the level of professionalism, care and craftsmanship our industry offers.” Walker also talked about how his company made him feel and he said, “Pleased to be the first to offer a quality vacation package that combines the vibrant Downtown Denver with an exciting 420 experience.”

The Marijuana Related Services That This Tourism Company Will Offer

Apart from providing some very comfy and classy transportation for their marijuana-friendly tourists, this company will also offer a comfortable room at a hotel that accepts the herb and there will also be some daily tours, which will be very interesting for anyone who enjoys cannabis. The tourism company from Colorado will also offer some grow classes, some cooking with cannabis courses, how to make hash seminars, growing and even some tours to marijuana dispensaries. There might also be the opportunity to go to some 420 concerts, depending on their availability.  The tour starts at a price of $550 and there are additional fees, which can give you access to even better services.

Even if this company sounds perfect and like something you would want to join in, there are still some problems, as marijuana is not available for people who do not have a medical marijuana card quite yet, since the new recreational cannabis laws in Colorado will take place in a few more months. The entrepreneurs say that this will not be a problem for them, as they will take their clients to places where the herb is shared freely, (which is completely allowed) and they will also take their clients to events, dispensaries and other places where legal samples are offered as well.  In a few more months, the new cannabis regulations in the State will help to increase their business and many already believe that this new industry will be even more profitable as Colorado’s famous skiing industry.

Marijuana Is Changing The World

Just like these two Denver entrepreneurs will benefit from the legalization of cannabis, there will also be others who will come with great ideas for creating products and services related to this plant. There are lots of possibilities and this industry is barely getting started. We can only wait and see what new regulations and ideas bring into this industry, but it is obvious that marijuana will be changing the world.

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