Saturday, April 13, 2013

Rasquera Wants People To Start Growing Cannabis On Their Own

The Mayor Of Rasquera Wants Its Citizens To Start Growing Cannabis

The town of Rasquera, is located in the province of Tarragona in Catalonia, Spain. It is a very unique municipality and it is certainly a very nice place to live in. This town only has 940 citizens and its has always been known for its pottery, but since Bernat Pellisa became mayor of this town, people are starting to know this place for its view on cannabis, as most people don't have a problem with those who consume the herb. 

It was just a couple of days ago, that Pellisa asked the judicial system to urgently solve some of the processes about authorizing a municipal cannabis plantation, which would be for personal use of the town of Rasquera and would help them to get out of their financial situation, since the town is currently in debt and owes a lot of money.

Pellisa spoke in public and he stated that Rasquera needs to make this their primary goal, as it is their only solution at the moment and he wants to accomplish this before he has to leave office, which will happen in June of this year, during some of the most important festivities in this Spanish town.

Can Rasquera Start Growing Cannabis?

In recent months, Pellisa stated that he would quit his job as mayor of the town, if he did not raise at least 75% of vote approval from their neighbors and until now he has accomplished 56.3%. In order to increase this number, the town of Rasquera is now starting a notion to try and get this debate to Parlament. 

The notion or bill, will suggest to Parlament the creation of a group, which will take care of the necessary tasks to allow senior citizens and other people who need marijuana as medicine, to start growing cannabis on their own, without any judicial problems at all. 

Marti Canaves, who is a lawyer in Rasquera, stated that the rights of people who consume marijuana as a medicine should be protected and that this notion needs to be taken to Parlament for further debate. The town of Rasquera does not want to simply allow anyone to start growing cannabis, but instead they want to have a regulated operation and they also want to control were the herb goes and who will be the people who can purchase it. 

Everyone Should Get To Start Growing Cannabis On Their Own

Cannabis is nothing more than a plant, which can be used for so many different things and that can certainly benefit people as well. The town of Rasquera not only wants to start growing cannabis to make a  profit, but it also wants to help its citizens and if this bill is passed it surely will.

With a little help and awareness, Rasquera should be able to get this bill passed in the next couple of weeks and at Zip 420 we hope that Bernat Pellisa can accomplish this, before he has to leave office in a few months. 

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