Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Regulating Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In LA

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Might Increase Its Prices In LA

It will be on May 21st, when people in Los Angeles, California will head out to the polls and vote on three different regulations for medical marijuana dispensaries. These new regulations, are supposed to help keep a better control of the marijuana that is being sold for medicinal purposes within the limits of the city and they might also increase the taxes that patients have to pay to get this herb. 

Proposition D and ordinances E and F are to be examined during these polls and most hope that these new regulations will help to settle down all of the problems that dispensaries are experiencing right now. Even if the new regulations might reduce the number of dispensaries that will be operating within the city limits or increase the taxes on the herb, they will surely help to legalize medicinal marijuana in LA, as they will also keep dispensaries far away from schools, childcare centers and other similar areas. The new regulations will also keep a standarized working hours schedule for dispensaries and this will make it easier for people to accept this herb. 

While some are in complete favor of these new regulations, there are also some who believe that these might affect the dispensaries that are already operating within city limits and some feel that this will also affect the medical marijuana accomplishments in LA. 

How Will The New Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Change Things In LA?

According to some experts, there is now no way to remove ordinance E from the ballots, as the current election rules establish that it has to be there. Bradley Herts, who is an attorney for Sutton Law Firm stated, "There's no way to remove ordinace E from the May 21 ballot or the voter guide...and that may lead to some confusion. It's up to campaigners to help explain that."

Proposition D and Ordinance F are what could increase taxes in medical marijuana dispensaries, as they would not make it a $60 tax instead of a $50 tax for every $1000 of sales. This means that the tax rate would be increased by 20%, which is certainly a lot and this will affect all dispensaries within the city limits of Los Angeles. 

Proposition D would also reduce the number of dispensaries that are allowed in LA to 135, which is a lot less than there are currently right now and will affect a lot of people for sure. Ordinance F would also allow marijuana collectives to operate freely and there would be no limit to the number that can operate within city limits. They would have to meet certain rules, but they would not be as hard to comply and many should be able to operate under LA's new rules. 

Paul Koretz, who is a council member of the city and proclaims to be an ally of medicinal cannabis stated, "Ordinance F would allow the remaining 1700 to 1800 clinics not approved by the city to stay open. That may very well increase to 2000 dispensaries, many of which are nuisances in their neighborhoods." Koretz also said that Proposition D is, "a compromise between the two ordinances," as they will help both medicinal marijuana patients and creating a better image about the herb. 

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In LA Will Operate One Way Or Another

While these new propositions and regulations, might change how some of the dispensaries in LA operate, patients will still have access to the herb and these new rules might help to keep a better control over this. Althought the raise of taxes is not something that I agree with, this will surely help to create a better background for medical marijuana dispensaries, as the new regulations are not only about taxing the herb, but about keeping it away from minors and having everything in order.

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