Sunday, March 31, 2013

The New Medical Marijuana Law Changes Start Tomorrow

Some Of The Most Important Changes To Michigan's Medical Marijuana Law Start This Monday

Tomorrow is the day, when some of the most important changes to the medical marijuana law in Michigan will take place and it is certainly an important step towards the legalization of cannabis around the world. Some of the new changes include, the extension of one-year medical marijuana cards to a two year duration and they also include some changes to the relationship between doctors and patients. 

The use of medical marijuana has been accepted in this State since 2008 and it is meant to help people overcome some of the side effects that some diseases or medical treatments can cause, (chronic pain or cancer). Because some lawmakers were still not comfortable with those medical marijuana laws, these new changes were proposed and they certainly look like they are going to keep everything well regulated. 

It will be tomorrow, Monday April 2nd 2013, when doctors will have to see patients for medical marijuana evaluations face-to-face and they will have to go over their records with their own eyes. Some lawmakers, like Democratic Rep. Phil Cavanagh, believed that medical marijuana cards or certificates were being given away very easily and sometimes even over the phone or the web. These new laws, will prevent people who do not really need medical cannabis to abuse some of the medical marijuana laws. 

The new medical marijuana law, will also require doctors to do a follow-up on those certified patients, to see what the effects have been and if they are really benefiting from medicinal cannabis or not. According to Cavanagh, this will also "prevent some out-of-state doctor from coming in, renting a hotel room, writing these things and the leaving town." Michael Komorn, who is a Michigan attorney and is a specialist in medical marijuana laws also talked about these new changes and stated, "now, we are saying: What is behind the card? Where did you get certified? Who was your doctor? He also agreed that these new changes will help to both patients and doctors, as the certification process, will be easier to understand and focused on true medical marijuana patients. 

More About The New Medical Marijuana Law Changes In Michigan

After tomorrow, the bill that was approved by 75% of voters in December, will hand out two year long medical marijuana cards and those people who apply for one, will be required to prove their residence within the State, (a State ID or driver's license) and pay $100 for the card.

According to some records by the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, there are now more than 131000 people registered as medical marijuana patients in Michigan and at least 27000 caregivers, or those who grow cannabis for a group of no more than five persons. These caregivers, will now be under stricter regulations as well and they will not qualify for a certification, if they have been arrested in the last decade or if they have ever been involved in an assault. In the past, not being arrested for a drug crime, was the only requisite for becoming a certified caregiver in Michigan.

If for some reason a patient loses their caregiver, they will be allowed to find a new one. The new medical marijuana law in Michigan will cause some patients to lose a relationship with their current caregivers, but there will be others available and they will certainly be offering higher quality medicine and services.

It was also during last month, when Republican Rep. Mike Callton made a proposition to legalize the medical cannabis dispensaries, which have not been allowed by the Supreme Court under the current medical marijuana law and this means that more changes might soon be coming to Michigan about medical cannabis.

The New Medical Marijuana Law Will Be Stricter

These new changes, will allow for a better control over the marijuana transactions that happen within Michigan and they will certainly benefit those people who really do need medical cannabis in the long run. Doctors and caregivers, will also benefit from these new laws and even if some do lose their certifications or some of their business associates, the ones that will remain will be fully legit and will offer the best medical cannabis for their patients.

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  1. It's only been a matter of time. Regulation, I believe, will be better in the long run.

  2. I have to agree Mary-Margaret. Thank you for taking the time to comment.