Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence Is Caught Smoking Cannabis

More Celebrities Are Smoking Cannabis

It is not uncommon for celebrities to be part of scandals or news that are not related to the movies or work that they are promoting at the time and now Jennifer Lawrence was caught smoking cannabis in public and drinking some wine at the same time.  It was last February 27, when Jennifer was taken some pictures in her hotel room, which show the young actress with a large joint in her hand.

After Jennifer won the Oscar for best actress just a few days before this, she decided to take a holiday in Hawaii with one of her close friend and it was here that the pictures were taken. Jennifer was wearing a simple gray blouse and she looked beautiful as ever. Not only did she look gorgeous, but she looked even hotter with a joint in her hand.

Both Jennifer and her friend smoked some cannabis and drank a little wine. They were seen having fun and talking to each other, just like any other normal person would do. The 22 year old actress was seen sitting on her hotel room’s balcony and although this was something unexpected, we are glad that Jennifer is part of our culture.

We Love ThePictures Of Jennifer Smoking Cannabis

Even if Jennifer or any other person has confirmed that Jennifer was in fact smoking cannabis while in Hawaii, the pictures speak for themselves and you can see some of them in this post. If this is actually a joint, we fully support Jennifer’s decision to speak about it or not, but sure hope that she decides to admit that it was, as there is nothing wrong about smoking a little cannabis every now and then, since it really does not affect people’s lives as much as some people say.

Jennifer deserves to have a little fun, because she has worked very hard to be where she is right now.  Anyone who feels the need to relax or that is currently suffering from a disease should be able to have access to cannabis and to high quality cannabis as well. This is simply an herb, which is proven to benefit in many ways and to be a great form of entertainment as well.

Not many people are surprised about Jennifer’s recent pictures and there are really no reasons for anyone to feel different about Jennifer or to criticize her, as she was only having some fun, without harming anyone else and she deserved to celebrate after having won the Oscar for the excellent actress that she is.

SmokingCannabis Is Now More Popular

Not only are celebrities smoking the herb, but there are also people who need this for medicinal for purposes and this is why at Zip420, we want to help promote the legalization of cannabis. This is already happening in several states in the US and in other countries as well, which means that we are on the right path.  Please remember to share and like this article about Jennifer Lawrence smoking cannabis and to subscribe to our club to the right.  
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