Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Medical Marijuana For Children

You Can Relieve A Lot Of Pain With Medical Marijuana

Although the story that I am going to tell you about in this article, was made public around a year ago, I still believe it to be very interesting and I am sure that it will help to change your perspective about medical marijuana, what it can do for certain patients and why it is sometimes even okay to give it to our children.

In a Los Angeles Times article, which was published during 2012, you can easily read about how Jason David is a father who has decided to provide marijuana as a medicine for his young boy Jayden, who has suffered several health problems at his young age and is now leaving a happier life, thanks to the benefits of cannabis.

According to the article and to Jayden’s father, the young boy had been taking lots of very powerful medications to try and control an epilepsy form, that is not very common and that has affected this poor boy’s life. The side effects that the boy experienced are described in that article and they included really bad seizures, which lasted for more than an hour sometimes, occurred more than a few hundred times per day, some muscle contortions and more.  Jayden’s father said, “If he wasn’t sleeping, he was seizing,” which is certainly not a life that any young boy or girl should live.

According to Jayden’s father, he felt really useless and prayed a lot during those days. He even stated that he thought about suicide, but that one day everything would change for his family, when he heard that a teenager had been expelled from his school, because he had been caught with marijuana, which he claimed was being used to control his seizures.

This led young Jayden and his father into the world of medical marijuana and the results have been amazing

The New Jayden, Thanks To Medical Marijuana

Some months have gone by now, and Jayden is living a healthier and more normal life than he ever has. The young boy has been consuming cannabis drops, which include a solution made out of cannabidiol, which is one of marijuana’s top cannabinoids. The difference about these drops and common marijuana is that these drops do not get young Jayden high at all and this allows him to lead a normal life and to consume the drops at least four times per day.

The results have been amazing, as Jayden can now eat solid food, he is able to lead a better relationship with his father, plays and dances like any normal kid does and has been able to reduce the prescription pills that he used to take from 22 per day, to only four drops of cannabis medicine a day.

Cannabidiol Is A Type Of Medical Marijuana That Doesn’t Get You High

Because this type of marijuana extract does not get people high, it is perfect to use as medicine and it has already proven to work on many cases. Martin Lee, who is a writer in San Francisco, stated that “nobody is going to a dispensary for this to get high. With CBD or cannabidiol, it’s clear that it’s just about medicine.” Just like Jayden, there are many other children who are benefiting from medical marijuana and this is why at Zip 420 we believe that the legalization of cannabis needs to take place now. 

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