Saturday, March 9, 2013

Illinois Is Looking Forward To The Legalization of Cannabis

The Legalization Of Cannabis Is Coming To Illinois

It was last Wednesday when some of the lawmakers in Illinois decided to approve the legalization of cannabis for medical purposes and this only proves that full legalization is coming soon all over the world.  More states and countries are now thinking about legalizing the herb and this is only due to the fact that marijuana does help the body in many ways and that is not nearly as harmful as some people have said it is.

Illinois is now one of the States in the US, that has agreed to accept medical marijuana, but some have stated that these new regulations might be the harshest in the country yet. The new regulations specify exactly who can use the herb for medicinal purposes and it also states exactly which diseases could be treated with marijuana and they even state exactly how many marijuana dispensaries there will be in the State.  Lou Lang, who is a state representative, stated “this is clearly model legislation for the country if we pass it” and he is certainly right. The new regulations would limit the number of marijuana dispensaries in the State to 60 and they would also control other factors about medical marijuana that are currently not being controlled anywhere else.

The Legalization Of Cannabis Is Already Real In Illinois

 Thanks to an Illinois House committee, people who believe in the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes will have the opportunity to use it in the State of Illinois. This committee approved the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes last weekend and it was favored by 11 votes to only four. This means that the new legislation will now be taken to the full House and it is very likely that it will be approved as well.
Lang also stated “why would we not help these people under very controlled circumstances?” and he is totally right. There is really no reason to withhold this herb from those people who can benefit from it and this is why medical cannabis should be allowed worldwide.

Even if Lang and thousands of Illinois citizens are in favored of the legalization of cannabis, the bill has been turned down year after year. Lang has tried tightening his proposed rules every year as well and this has not helped at all. Law enforcement officials have had to turn down his proposal several times, but there is now great hope that this new proposal will finally be accepted.

Some State representatives have state that this issue has been a major topic in the Capitol for more than a decade and that they hope that it can finally come to an end.

The Legalization Of Cannabis Is Very Close

Hopefully, Illinois accepts this new proposal soon, so that people who can really benefit from this herb can take advantage of it. Please share and like this article so that more people can now about what is going on in Illinois and please join our fan club to the right and leave us your email in the box to the right, so that we can keep you informed about the legalization of cannabis and other cool things. 

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