Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Judge Makes Our Marijuana News

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Some judges have a very radical way of thinking and Jack Emery, who is the Tacoma Municipal Court Judge is one of them. This man recently did something that not many people expected and this is why he is in our marijuana news.

Judge Emery told a police officer to return a man’s marijuana to him and this has certainly created a huge controversy in many communities. It was today that the New Tribune of Tacoma told the story about Judge Emery and how he agreed with what Joseph Robertson had to say about cannabis and the 40 grams that he had in his possession when police arrested him. According to Robertson, he was in possession of 40 grams of marijuana, because he is a designated provider of medical cannabis and he had the right to do so.

Robertson also told the New Tribune of Tacoma that he felt great and that he was happy for standing for people’s rights. Robertson also made a statement about getting his marijuana back from the cops and that he hopes that this happens within a week.

According to the police, Robertson was speeding and this is why he was stopped. The cops then smelled the cannabis and searched his car, which led to the confiscation of the 40 grams of cannabis and to Robertson’s detention.

The day that Robertson was stopped by the police was during Mary 2012 and it was last December when the State voted to legalize marijuana. This is the reason why Robertson is asking to get his cannabis back from the State and now that he took the case to court and won, things are certainly going to be different.

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As you can see, even judges are favoring marijuana and it is certainly something that many people expected. These types of cases will help to make cannabis widely accepted and this is why we consider this to be important marijuana news.

After Judge Emery decided to accept Robertson’s demands, some people cheered and here at Zip420 we certainly celebrated with joy. Hopefully more judges make decisions like this one in the future and hopefully we start seeing the legalization of cannabis take place in more parts of the world.

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