Saturday, March 23, 2013

Some Seniors Say, “Lets Get High”

Lets Get High Tonight!

Some senior citizens are now admitting that they smoke cannabis regularly and some even admit that they do it as a social thing. In an article that I read in the New York Times, I found out about Cher Neufer, who is a 65 years woman, who lives in Ohio (where cannabis is not consider a major offense) and has admitted to smoking marijuana frequently with her friends for recreational purposes only.  She talks about how she has been smoking the herb since she was around 21 years old and that her friends and she get together at least once a week to play some Texas Hold Em Poker and to smoke a joint or two.

The author of this article describes how Ms. Neufer receiver her visitors into her home, by offering them a joint and saying “lets get high”. They also talk about how she celebrates someone’s birthday by lighting up a bong. They also describe how Ms. Neufer likes to organize some campfires during the summer months, where they all listen to some Led Zeppelin, The Beach Boys and The Beatles.

“It’s just a social thing. It’s like when people get together, and they crack open their beers,” is what Ms. Neufer had to say about smoking cannabis with her friends and on her own. This is just a short story about how more senior citizens are starting to use marijuana for recreational purposes and how they are forgetting about the idea of not tolerating the herb in society.

The article at The New York Times, also talks about some recent statistics, which were researched by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health and proved that at least 6% of people between 50 and 59 years of age, are now smoking the herb and it also shows how in 2002, the percentage was only a little above 2.5%, which means that the number of senior citizens who are smoking cannabis regularly, has risen quite a bit.

Baby Boomers Are Saying “Lets Get High”

It is not unusual for more baby boomers and senior citizens to be thinking about smoking cannabis and telling their friends “lets get high”, as they were around in the 60s and 70s and most certainly know a lot about the herb.

Stories like Ms. Neufer’s are repeating itself all over the world and more people are now realizing that there is nothing wrong with something a little cannabis and having some fun. Whether they choose to smoke it or eat it, they are noticing that it only helps them to relax and that they will not go out there and do something crazy.

There Is Nothing Wrong With Hosting A “Lets Get High” Event

Just like Ms Neufer, more seniors and baby boomers should start hosting events like the ones she does and you will soon realize how this herb is more beneficial than you think. Please remember to share and like this article and to register to our newsletter, by leaving us your email in the box to the right. I will make sure to tell you more about similar “lets get high” events and more about the cannabis related world. 

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