Saturday, March 30, 2013

Medical Cannabis Dispensaries May Appear In Nevada Within A Year

At Least One Senator Is In Favor Of Medical Cannabis In Nevada

The Las Vegas Sun, (which is one of the most important newspapers in the State of Nevada), recently reported that some politicians are now in favor of some medical cannabis dispensaries within the State of Nevada and that these might start opening their doors to customers in less than one year. The opening of these dispensaries, will depend on what some legislators vote on, when the session to pass this bill arrives. 

At the moment, medical marijuana is already accepted in the State of Nevada, but no dispensaries have been  allowed by the State's government yet. It was just yesterday, when some of the members of the Senate Judiciary Commitee in the State of Nevada, voted in favor of passing this bill, which was proposed and is being sponsored by Tick Segerblom, who is a Democratic State Senator. 

According to Segerblom, lawmakers are due to vote on this bill in just a few weeks and he also stated to the press, that he hopes for the first medical cannabis dispensaries to be fully operational within one year. Segerblom also stated that there are currently around 3500 medical marijuana users, who have registered with the State of Nevada and that the number is expected to grow to 35000, in the next couple of months. 

What Would Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Offer In Nevada

Once a person has been analyzed by their doctor and a medical marijuana recommendation is made to them, they will need to register with the State for a medical marijuana card, which would offer those patients different options at some of the dispensaries, which will be opening very soon in the State of Nevada. Some of these options include a $10 per ounce price and people with these medical marijuana cards, would only have access to two ounces of cannabis every 14 days. 

There are still some decisions to be made by lawmakers about this bill, as they are still not certain if medical marijuana cards from other States will be valid within the State of Nevada or not. There are also still some doubts about how the medical cannabis dispensaries will get their product and if there should be another type of license for the people who decide to grow and sell their herb to the dispensaries 

Nevada's Police Departments are also concerned about the penalties for those people who consume and sell cannabis outside the new marijuana laws and all of this will surely be talked about when Segerblom's blim is addressed in mid-April.

Hopefully The New Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Do Open Within A Year In Nevada

I really do hope that this bill gets passed in a few weeks and that the new regulations will help entrepreneurs to buils some top notch medical cannabis dispensaries within the State of Nevada, as these would really benefit a lot of people and would be offering cannabis at a very affordable price. This would be a huge opportunity for all of those people who really do benefit from this herb, as they would not have to pay as much for their medicine and they would have a high quality product available to them as well. 

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