Friday, March 22, 2013

More Than 100 Companies Will Present Their Cannabis Related Products

Valencia Will Be The Host Of A Cannabis Show

The Grow Med Medicinal Cannabis Show will be taking place during April 19th to April 21st in the Valencia Fair. At least 100 hundred different companies will be presenting their latest innovations on their marijuana related products and there will even be a conference program, some debates and much more information about the therapeutic uses of this plant and what is being done to make it legal for medical use all over the world.

The companies will be presenting products such as substrates, cleaning products, fertilizers, marijuana seeds, lighting equipment, humidifiers, some associations related to the plant, clubs, grow shops and much more. There will only be companies related to this herb and it is certainly going to be an interesting place to visit.  
The fair will also have a medical study about the use of marijuana, which will be presented to the attendees as a conference. The study is going to talk about the benefits that each of the marijuana seed varieties has on a person and it will also explain how this herb can be used to control insomnia, lack of appetite, nausea and much more.

Some Conferences About Cannabis

During this fair, the BESFES OR Best Specimen For Each Symptom study, will be presented by doctor Jose Pedraza, who is a high ranking member of the Cannabinoids Spanish Society and he is also the coordinator for the conferences that will be taking place during this fair.

Doctor Fernando Caudevilla, will also be talking in a conference during this fair and he will be accompanied by psychologist Jose Carlos Bouso and who will be talking about the responsible use of cannabis.  “Use Responsibly” is the name of this conference and it will certainly have some interesting topics about the use of this herb and how it should be consumed or transformed into other products.

Other experts will also be talking about the healing and therapeutic benefits of marijuana and how it will be used worldwide to cure some diseases. These conferences will surely help many people to understand more about what marijuana can do for a person and why it should become legal everywhere.  

There are now more people who believe in the medicinal benefits of marijuana and this is be ing scene all over the world. The United States, Uruguay, some parts of Australia and other countries already starting to legalize this herb in some of their States and the results are really wonderful.

There are thousands who are benefiting from eating or smoking cannabis and if it helps people to forget about their disease or to cure it, then nobody should be able to prohibit them from using it.

Cannabis Is A Medicine Not A Drug

If you look at some of the studies about the uses of marijuana and see the results, you will see that this is really a medicine and that it does help people. Please share and like this article and remember to leave us your email in the box to the right, so we can send you our newsletter, which comes out once every one week or two and is filled with interesting stuff about cannabis and more. 

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