Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Medical Marijuana Laws Are Changing

New York Might Change Its Medical Marijuana Laws

Just like some of the other 18 States in the US that have decided to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes, the State of New York is now thinking of changing some of its laws and making marijuana legal for those people with some serious illnesses. 

Medical marijuana laws might soon be approved in the State of New York and even if Governor Andrew Cuomo is still not in favor of these new regulations, there are millions of people supporting them and there are lots of people who really do need this herb to become medicine right away.

Senator Diane Savino and Assemblyman Richard Gottfried just introduced their new proposals for a medical marijuana bill and they are more positive about it than ever. This new proposal, would allow people who are providing medical marijuana to recommend the herb to those people who are suffering from some serious illnesses and diseases, such as AIDS, cancer, glaucoma, epilepsy, people who are terminally ill and others.

The new bill would allow nurses, doctors, physicians and other specialists to recommend the herb to the people who really need it and this will allow to keep a better control on marijuana. The recommendation would be made to the State’s Health Department, which would create a list of approved patients and would then supply them with a photo ID, which they can use to buy medical marijuana from growers or dispensaries that have been previously certified by the State as well. 

These patients would be able to buy up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis at these medical marijuana dispensaries, which is a perfect amount for personal use or medication. The medical marijuana card that these people would receive, would last for up to a year or sometimes less, depending on the doctor’s recommendations and the state the patient is in.
As said above, the New York Health Department, would be in charge of certifying people for growing marijuana, as well as those who will be selling it. The people or business who decides to grow it, will have to do so in a secure location and indoors. Those businesses or medical marijuana dispensaries that would be selling the herb, would have to follow some strict rules and would only be able to sell to distributors or patients, who have been approved by the State.

The new medical marijuana laws would also tax $250 or less per pound of cannabis that is sold, whether it is a grower or a dispensary. The new proposed laws, do not say anything about those people who try to take advantage of these medical marijuana laws and they also allow children and teenagers to apply for a State approved medical marijuana card.

I really do hope that these new laws get accepted, as there are lots of people who could benefit from marijuana being a medicine and offering the herb to them, would be one of the best things that happens to them. Please support these recently proposed medical marijuana laws and share this article and like it as well. Subscribe to our newsletter by leaving us your email in the box to the right and we will send you more information about medical marijuana laws and more.
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  1. I agree, Marijuana has tons of benefits and should be legal based solely off of all the benefits one can receive from the consumption of it. If they want to ban something or deem it illegal it should be cigarettes !

  2. That's good NY.BUT I LIVE IN SOUTH CAROLINA!!!!!!!And I have mesothelioma, lung cancer.A doctor told Me "what you need is some good medical marijuana But ,It's to bad you live in South Carolina and you didn't hear that from me.Come on South Carolina,HELP ME OUT?

  3. Thank you for your comments. Sirena, you couldn't be more right. Cigarettes are way more harmful than cannabis and there are lots of benefits that this herb can offer to some.
    James, I hear you. I really hope you do get better and can only wish for South Carolina to start changing their laws about medical and recreational cannabis. You could always think about moving to one of the 18 States that have already approved medical cannabis, although I know this may not be as easy as it sounds. Have a great day!