Monday, March 11, 2013

New Zealand Is Thinking About The Legalization Of Cannabis

New Zealand Favors The Legalization Of Cannabis

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, New Zealand Inc (NORML), has recently made public that they strongly believe in the legalization of cannabis and that marijuana should be regulated just like alcohol is, as this would help New Zealand to save over 300 millions every year. It was during this last weekend, were delgates elected their new President, Chris Fowlie from Auckland and their new secretary, Phil Saxby from Wellington. The weekend's conference was held in Tokaanu and they certainly reached some conclusions, with which all cannabis supporters should be happy about.

This is the second time that Chris Fowlie has been named President of NORML and he almost accomplished his gosl of regulating cannabis in New Zealand during his last presidency, during 1997 to 2008. Fowlie is also the owner of The Hempstore, which has been operational for 16 years now and it has certainly gained a very large clientele. Fowlie is also called regularly, to appear in court as a witness, who is an expert on cannabis. Phil Saxby is also experienced in these matters, as he is a business owner himself and has also been part of the Electoral Reform Coalition, as well as other associations and groups.

The Legalization Of Cannabis According To Fowlie and Saxby

The two New Zealand entrepeneurs and cannabis activists, have also stated their points of view on cannabis to the public and they have said the following: 

"Colorado and Washington voters recently accepted the argument that cannabis should be regulated like alcohol when they voted to legalize marijuana last November," said Mr Fowlie. "We think local government should be empowered to licence and regulate local distribution and sales, as it does alcohol. The current failed policy costs at least $116 million to enforce, while revenues from taxing cannabis sales would raise at least $200 million per year," he explained.

NORML, which has been operational for 34 years, retook its common goals and prepared themselves for the new campaign to start the legalization of cannabis in New Zealand. Some of the main goals that this group has, include: treating drug use as a health problem not a crime, people should have access to medical marijuana and a market that regulates and taxes cannabis and other similar no risk drugs.

"The Law Commission report on drug legislation is not perfect, but it does have some good ideas and the public is ready for change to our cruel, unjust and ineffective laws," said Fowlie, before the session ended.

NORML feels very confident that marijuana will finally be regulated in New Zealand and that major changes are on the way. Many are already in favor of a new regulation and Fowlie is very likely to achieve his goals as president this time.

The Legalization Of Cannabis Is Happening All Over The World

As you have read in other posts here at Zip 420, there are many countries and states, which are already making changes to their marijuana laws and taxation. This only proves how we are closer to our goal than ever and how cannabis is gaining acceptance as a medicine and recreation opportunity, all over the world.  

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