Thursday, March 21, 2013

Why Should Marijuana Be Legal In Chile Again?

People In Chile, Ask Why Should Marijuana Be Legal?

It is likely that you did not know that the use of marijuana in Chile was not prohibited for personal use until the year of 1995 and that it has only been about 28 years, since the consumption of the herb, started to be controlled in public places in this country.

According to a law that was established in this South American country during 1985, drug trafficking involves a series of acts or conducts such as buying, transporting, subtracting, possession, selling and more; unless the use of those drugs is proven to be for personal or medicinal use. 

Later in 1995 that law would be changed to have some fragments added to it. Now, the person caught with the herb, would need to have only a small amount, which can be proven that it is for personal use and that it will not last for a very long time.  So why should marijuana be legal, many people ask and the answer is simple, because it is a medicine that will help people with certain diseases and because it is not dangerous like alcohol or tobacco.

Since 1995, the growth of cannabis for personal use, has been penalized in Chile, while before this year, it was possible for people to grow this herb and to consume it freely. These are just some of the things that Chile has been doing to meet up with world standards and follow the prohibition ideas that have been established by other countries.

Important People From Chile, Talk About Why Should Marijuana Be Legal

There are now many politicians and other important people in Chile, who have their own points of view about the marijuana regulations that were changed in 1995 and many gave some interesting ideas about why should marijuana be legal in Chile and the world. People like Senator Avila, Laura Soto, presidential candidate Marco Henriquez-Ominami, Senator Lagos, Senator Letellier, Senator Rossi and more, are now talking about legalizing cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes and they have even started some organizations, groups and associations, which have helped to promote their ideals and are gaining acceptance all around Chile and the world.

Laura Soto, who is an important politician in Chile, has created a project to help the legalization of medicinal cannabis take place and her points of view are really interesting. The project that Senators Lagos, Letellier and Rossi are promoting, involves legalizing the growth of cannabis and its personal use, which shows how people in this country have learned to accept the herb and want to use it respectfully.

Why Should Marijuana Be Legal All Around The World?

Are you still not certain about why should marijuana be legal? If this is so, you should only take a look at some of the documentaries that we have shared here and learn more about the benefits of medicinal cannabis and its real effects on people who use it for recreation.  Please remember to share and like this article, so that more people can now about what Chileans think about cannabis. Remember to join the Zip 420 followers club and to leave us your email in the box to the right, so that I can send you the Zip 420 newsletter, with tons of interesting stuff about cannabis. 

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