Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What People Who Are Growing Marijuana Think

An Interview With A Person Who Is Growing Marijuana

We all know that there are people out there who are not scared at all about the federal laws and other regulation on cannabis and we all know that there are millions of people growing marijuana out there right now. I recently found a very interesting interview with a man who is into this activity and he describes exactly how he feels about it.

Most people, who are into growing their own herb and that are even selling it or giving it away to some medical marijuana dispensaries, patients and friends, got started on this activity, because they did not feel safe consuming the marijuana that was being offered to them and they wanted to make sure that the quality in their herb was the best.  Today, cannabis is being offered in packages, in different presentations and there are even different types of it, just like any other product in the market and sometimes quality might be forgotten in the process.  People like W, (which is going to be the name of the person I am going to tell you about), prefers to grow his own, because he does not believe in getting his herb from the black market and is concerned about some of the other marijuana growers out there too.

What W Thinks About Growing Marijuana

W has taken marijuana growing to a whole new level. He has always been very enthusiastic about it and has always kept two plants for personal use. He would later start growing marijuana for commercial use and says that even though he keeps good care of those plants, they are not as special as his two personal plants.  W’s exact words were:

“The two that are just for me, those are my girls. Then there are the eight or sixteen that make me money. Those are my bitches. You still gotta treat your bitches proper, ‘cause they gotta be able to go out there and get you that money. But they’re still your bitches. They’re not your girls.”
Even though W takes good care of his money making plants, he does not take as good care as his personal plants and this proves how you could not be getting the highest quality out there. W also states that some Miracle Grow products and other similar gardening enhancers, are filled with things the plants don’t really need and that they even propagate things from other gardens, which is certainly not good for cannabis plants.
W is also concern with some of the current laws about cannabis and where the legalization of cannabis is going and his exact words about this were:

“Everybody is looking at legalization in the context of making weed and smoking it legal, making growing legal, just in general. But in order to do that, there has to be some regulation on the commerce. I feel like it will turn into this fake free market that we have with every other industry, especially cigarettes.”

Growing Marijuana Regulations Still Need To Be Established

W may be right, when it comes to growing our own herb, but it is also true that we all deserve a chance to have our personal cannabis plants, whether it’s for a medicinal or recreational use, as it is only a plant and it was put on this planet for a reason.  Please remember to share and like this article about growing marijuana and to join our fan club and newsletter, by leaving us your email to the right. 

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