Sunday, March 17, 2013

North Carolina Wants To Legalize Marijuana

Voters Want To Legalize Marijuana In North Carolina

As I have been telling you since I created this blog, the legalization of marijuana is coming soon and several States in the US have already passed a few bills to decriminalize marijuana for medical use and some have even allowed it for recreational purposes. Now, the State of North Carolina has more voters who want to legalize marijuana, than those who want to keep it just the way it is. This only proves that what I have been writing about is true and that more people want to make this herb legal all over the world.

According to some recent polls in the State of North Carolina, at least six out of ten voters,  believe that prosecutors and police should not give priority to any marijuana offense and only one out of three voters believe that those people caught in possession of cannabis, should be processed just like they have been for the past few decades.

This poll’s results showed that more than 60% of the people who answered the questions believe in making cannabis a “low priority” offense, while only 30% believes that cannabis should remain a “high priority” for the State of North Carolina.  The poll’s results also proved that only 35% of the State’s voters believe in keeping the possession of small amounts of cannabis, as a criminal offense, while more than 56% voted on making the possession of small amounts of cannabis a low priority and that those who are caught with the herb, should only pay a fine.  The poll also proved that 60% of the people who are under the age of 65 want to make the possession of marijuana a non criminal offense and this only tells us that the new generations are now aware of the benefits of cannabis and the things that does not do to you.

How Should The State Of North Carolina Legalize Marijuana?

Distribution to adults was also questioned in this poll to North Carolina voters and the results were that 58% of the people in this State think marijuana should be sold in stored that are owned by the State, similar to how liquor stores operate.  The sale of marijuana in private establishments only had 19% votes in favor and this proves that people are not looking to legalize marijuana because they want to get stoned or high, but that they are more interested in the medicinal purposes of this herb.

Legalize Marijuana And Let’s Have A Better World

Whether you want to admit it or not, when the legalization of cannabis happens, the entire world will be a different place. Not only will the herb benefit people with certain diseases, but it will also collect more taxes for governments and it will lower crime as well.

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