Sunday, March 24, 2013

Some Marijuana Facts

Marijuana Facts That You Need To Know

There are many things about cannabis that will probably astonish you, like that it was used by Henry Ford in some of his car models and as fuel for his engines and that even a Queen of England used the herb to calm her menstrual pains, which is why I am going to tell you about some more marijuana facts that you need to know.  

Below you can read 10 interesting things about cannabis, which will certainly change your point of view about it and how its being used all over the world.

10 Marijuana Facts

  1.  People, who use marijuana, almost never consume another drug that is not considered legal.  Those who believe that cannabis leads to using harder drugs are simply not well informed about the herb. This is a decision that each person makes
  2. Marijuana does not cause dependency. A study that was realized by the Federal Institute of Medicine back in 1999, proved that only 10% of people who consume marijuana fall under  a dependence clinical criteria, while alcohol had a 15% result and tobacco a 32%.
  3.  The stories of the increase in marijuana’s potency or THC levels are overly exaggerated. Even if there has been an increase in the herb’s potency, due to more knowledgeable and work addicted marijuana growers, the levels of THC are still not that high and even if they were this would not affect our health at all. Data that was made public by the US federal government states that the levels of THC in cannabis which is available in the US market are around 5% and that this number has not changed since the early 80's.
  4.   There is no medical or scientific study that has proven that marijuana consumption can cause mental illness.
  5. There is no scientific proof that marijuana can increase the risk of lung cancer for smoking the herb or any other type of cancer.
  6. Marijuana is useful for relieving people who are feeling nausea after going through a chemotherapy treatment, it helps people with AIDS to feel hungry, it reduces spasms in muscles, helps with neurological disorders and it helps people with glaucoma to reduce the pressure in their eyes.
  7. The percentages of people who consume marijuana are very similar in the Netherlands and the US, even though the laws and regulations are completely different.
  8.  There is no proof that marijuana can cause long term cognitive impairment
  9. There are still no studies that have proven that cannabis has increased the number of traffic accidents around the world.
  10. More than 800000 are arrested in the US for marijuana related offenses; most of them are for possessing a small amount of the herb.

Marijuana Facts Are important To Know

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