Thursday, March 7, 2013

Investors Are Looking Into Marijuana Dispensaries

Entrepreneurs In Massachusetts Are Interested In Marijuana Dispensaries

Denver Relief is one of the most popular, largest and profitable marijuana dispensaries in Denver and it is owned by Kayvan Khalatbari, who is only 29 years old and is already reaching $1 million in sales per year. Not only is he already very successful with this business and seems like his profits will keep increasing over time, but he is now looking into new business ventures and is now doing some consulting for other medicinal marijuana entrepreneurs.

There are at least 15 people who are very interested in starting a business similar to the one that Khalatbari owns in Denver and they want to set their medicinal cannabis dispensary in the State of Massachusetts.
Denver Relief is only one of the medical cannabis businesses that are operating in Colorado and they are all looking to earn massive profits thanks to the new “green rush”.  Denver Relief is also expecting to benefit from the new Massachusetts medical marijuana program and regulations, which is already taking off and will be operational this year.  According to some financial experts, there are lots of opportunities in this so called “green rush” for those ancillary businesses, which include accounting, consulting, marketing, law and others.  Khalatbari, who charges $250 per hour, for his consulting services, also stated “there is a great opportunity here in Massachusetts”.

Owners Of Marijuana Dispensaries Are Starting To Look East

Dixie Elixirs & Edibles is a business that specializes in cannabis-infused products and it is owned by Tripp Keber. This enterprise has recently made public, that they are also looking east this year and that they expect Massachusetts to be a great opportunity for them.  Dixie Elixirs & Edibles also earned more than $1 million during 2012 and they offer different types of marijuana-infused products, such as chocolate truffles, beverages, fruit lozenges and more. They are currently selling to a little more than 500 medical marijuana dispensaries throughout the State of Colorado, where cannabis has been accepted for medicinal purposes since 2000.

According to Keber, his company should triple its profits during 2013, as they will be supplying stores in Washington DC, Arizona, Connecticut and now Massachusetts too. Keber is already talking to several entrepreneurs from the Bay State and to another one from Nantucket, in order to establish a relationship and maybe agree on some brand licensing and other technology issues.

Even if it sounds unreal, the headquarters of Dixie Elixirs & Edibles are equipped with the latest technology, they have mechanical engineers, food scientists, chemists, chefs and other professionals who wear lab coats and work in a Willy Wonka setting according to The Boston Globe.

Marijuana Dispensaries Are A Part Of The “Green Rush”

As you can see, there is really a “green rush” going on and some smart entrepreneurs are going to be taking advantage of these opportunities for sure. Please remember to share and like our articles, to join our Google club to the right and to leave us your email at the right too, so that we can keep you informed about marijuana dispensaries and other interesting things.

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