Friday, March 29, 2013

A New Marijuana Tax Act

Colorado And Other States Are Looking Towards A New Marijuana Tax Act

Cannabis is now being accepted in several States of the US and other countries of the world, but almost none have a marijuana tax act established yet even though, this could really benefit them economically. The legalization of cannabis is happening all over the world and governments only need to establish some new regulations about this herb, as they are badly needed and they will surely make society stronger.

Alcohol and tobacco have been taxed by the government for a couple of decades now and many believe that this should be the fate of marijuana as well. States like Colorado and Washington, which have recently approved the recreational use of cannabis within their borders, are now thinking about taxing this herb and the benefits that it could bring them.

Congressman Rep. Jared Polis, believes that the State of Colorado could earn tens of millions of dollars of extra income every single year, just for taxing marijuana, which is now legal within the State’s borders. According to some studies and surveys, marijuana should be taxed around $50 per ounce, which can be sold for $200 to $400, depending on its quality and the strain that it is

Polis also stated to the press, “I’ve seen some estimates in the high tens of millions, as much as $100 million.” He also stated that marijuana taxation could be a very useful income, as there are many services that need more funding and would benefit society as well.  According to Polis, the taxing of marijuana is a “Substantial dent in needed school improvements, particularly in poorer districts,” and millions of people are already backing him up.

A Marijuana Tax Act That Works For Everyone

According to some reports, there are more than 35 sponsors in Maine’s State legislature, which means that this is not the only State of the US that is looking for a new marijuana tax act. David Boyer, who is a political director in Maine, stated “support for changing our marijuana laws is growing as more and more elected officials realize it makes no sense to maintain a system of prohibition for a substance that is objectively less harmful than alcohol. Maine can and should take agree.”

Other States like California and Washington are also looking into a new marijuana tax act, as some reports state that these States could generate over one billion dollars per year, as there are now many people supporting the legalization of cannabis and who believe that this herb should be available for everyone, just like alcohol is today.

Reports also prove that marijuana users have increased in the last decade and that in 2002 only 1.9% of Americans consumed this herb, while in 2011 the percentage rose to 6%. This clearly proves that more Americans are consuming cannabis and that taxing would generate even more income as well.

We Need A Marijuana Tax Act Now

The legalization of cannabis is happening and the world would really benefit from taxing this herb. Government would have more revenue to work with and the sales of marijuana would also be controlled all of the time. It is time for the legalization of cannabis to take place and at Zip 420 we believe that it would be the best decision ever.

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