Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Judge In Barbados Doubts Current Marijuana Laws

Marijuana Laws Need To Be Changed Now

There are now many judges, politicians, scientific experts and common citizens who are very convinced that the current marijuana laws are not working and Barbados’s Attorney General and Minister of Home Affair Adriel Brathwaite has stated recently that he has been having some doubts about Barbados is leading a successful war against the herb and if the current laws are effective at all.

Brathwaite spoke at the National Consultation on the Anti-Drug Plan, which was a surprise to some, as nobody expected to hear the judge talk about the current marijuana laws the way that he did. The High Court judge recommended the legalization of cannabis and the regulation of some drugs for personal use.

According to the judge’s speech, he is certain that legalizing is the best option now, as the wide scale use of marijuana is now visible everywhere and it is obvious that it is not going away ever.  Cannabis has been used for millennia and it has helped a lot of people to continue with a normal life, even after being diagnosed with a severe disease or illness; this is why there is very little chance that the use of cannabis will stop all of a sudden.

The Marijuana Laws Need A Reform

During his speech, Brathwaite talked about several of his points of view and they all seem very smart and logical. Some of the things that the Barbados judge said were, “now it is not just the boys on the block (smoking marijuana) but the girls on the block too. If you go to football games across Barbados, it is almost the norm. There was a time when the boys used to hide but now boys and girls are openly smoking. There was a time I thought we were losing the fight when I used to see marijuana being used openly in communities, but I am not sure how I feel about it this morning.”

These words prove how Brathwaite no longer believes in the current marijuana laws and how he is only one of the millions who are already convinced about this. What Brathwaite stated about marijuana being consumed by both boys and girls openly in public, is not only true in Barbados, as this scene repeats itself all over the world.

While there might be some leaner or tougher laws in each country, the use of cannabis is increasing all over the world and it is obvious that the current regulations have not helped at all. The legalization of cannabis could help the economy, tourism and most important of all, it can be used as a medicine and it has been scientifically proven that it does benefit some patients.

So let’s start to change our points of view about cannabis and admit that what has been done by our governments and police enforcers has simply not worked. Please remember to share and like this article and to join our followers club to the right. Also, leave us your email in the box to the right, so that we can send you the Zip420 Newsletter, which will have lots of things about marijuana laws and more. 

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