Thursday, March 14, 2013

Recycling Ganja For Fuel

Some Companies Are Interested In Ganja Waste

Because Washington and other States in the US will have regulated cannabis by the end of the year and since they will be having an enormous amount of cannabis flowing through their territories every year, some entrepreneurs are starting to look at ganja as a problem solver and a way to get rid of some controversial dilemmas.

Some people are concerned with all of the garbage, trash or waste that this new cannabis industry will be generating, as most of the medicinal cannabis dispensaries and other businesses that handle the herb, tend to waste most of the stems, the root balls, leaves and other parts of the cannabis plant, as they are not fit for some of the industrial purposes that they want to give the herb.

Well, for some entrepreneurs, all of this waste is as valuable as gold, as other products can be made from it and there is one company that is already thinking about using this ganja waste to create fuel for jets.

Ganja Might Be Used To Fuel Jets

Yes, you read right, the marijuana plant might be used for fueling jets in the near future and it is all due to the legalization of cannabis in some parts of the world. Jerauld Bessette, who is an executive from Ballard Bio-fuel, recently stated to the press “We think the whole cannabis industrial waste stream is going to be massive.”

This innovative company is planning to become the garbage removal service for all cannabis related businesses in the State of Washington, just like some other bio-fuel companies are doing with garbage that comes from the production of vegetable oil and they are planning to make bio synthetic paraffinic kerosene, which is used to make some jets fly.

Bio-fuel was approved by the American Society for Testing and Materials to be used in military and commercial jets in 2011. Now, many airplane companies are using bio-fuel for their demonstration and commercial flights, because it does not contaminate as much as fossil fuel and it can be less expensive too.

This is why Ballard Bio-fuel is so interested in becoming Washington’s cannabis garbage company, as there are several companies interested in this type of fuel for their jets.  This is also the reason why this company is creating the Washington Cannabis Producers Co-op, which should allow them to get a license from the State government and to operate legally. Bessette also stated, “We expect to have a one-ton demonstration processing plant by August”, which only proves how serious they are.

Ballard Bio-fuel also made it clear that collecting ganja garbage is not even a small drop of all the jet fuel that is needed in the world and that their goal is to produce fuel from industrial hemp, which is now allowed as well, thanks to Initiative 502. The new HB 1888 Bill, also licenses and allows hemp growing in the State of Washington.

The Legalization Of Cannabis Is Here

As you can see, we really are getting close to the legalization of cannabis and we can only hope that this happens very soon all over the world. Please share and like this article and join our fan club to right. Also, remember to leave us your email in the box to the right, so that we can send you the Zip420 Newsletter, which will be filled with stuff about ganja and its legalization.

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