Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Getting Stoned With 3D Bongs

You Might Now Be Able To Start Getting Stoned With Your Own Creations

Did you know that there are now some technology companies, which are providing their customers the ability to create 3D artifacts with the help of a printer? Believe it or not, there is now enough technology to start creating products right from your home and some companies are already selling these services and some are creating huge controversy.

Thingiverse is just one of these companies and it is probably the most popular one. They first started announcing the creation of firearms with their new 3D-printing technology, which is certainly something that not everyone agrees about, but Thingiverse has since then released new options for creating objects with this new technology and getting stoned with a homemade bong might now be an option for some.

Printable Cannabis Paraphernalia, Might Be Useful For Getting Stoned

What is interesting about this technology, is that anyone who has a creative side and is a good designer, could actually start creating amazing products right from home and some are creating some very unique and original bongs. Some people are still concerned about the legal uncertainties about being able to create your own printable products at home and how this could affect society. Others believe that this is an amazing technology and that just like "The Jetsons" we will be able to create things just by clicking a button and waiting a few seconds.

You could be getting stoned a million ways, but this new technology will allow you to have your very own bongs and to build one from scratch if you so desire. While this is certainly very interesting, there are still many doubts as to whether this technology is really going to work and what it could do to today's market.

Some people simply will not have the time or the ability to create these next generation glass bongs and this is why still some are skeptical about this new technology.

Getting Stoned With Glass Bongs Made At Home

So if you like creating things and love 3D images, this new technology will certainly interest you. Things are certainly changing around the world and who would of have ever imagined that we would be able to create objects with our printer. Whether you want to create your own glass bongs or not, you should be aware of this new technology, because it will certainly influence our world in many ways.

Please remember to share and like this article, so that more people can now about what Thingiverse is doing and what this technology really is. Even if you are not a creative person and will never build your own products with your home printer, this technology is quite impressive and it will change the world. Vaporizers are also gaining popularity, as they are a healthy way of smoking and you can look at some of the best in the market, by clicking on some of our ads below our articles. Also, don't forget to join our newsletter by leaving us your email and joining our club to the right, so that we can keep you informed about the latest getting stoned news and more. 

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