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A Little History Of Marijuana In Thailand

The History Of Marijuana In Thailand

As we know, cannabis has been a very controversial plant for almost 100 years now and in Thailand, were cannabis is better known as "ganja", it has been no different. Some people believe in the legalization of cannabis and there are still many who are totally against it. Even if there are so many people in need of cannabis as a medicine, there are still many arrests and prosecutions that have to do with this herb and in this article you will get to read  some of the history of marijuana in Thailand. 

The History Of Marijuana And Thailand's Culture

In Thailand, "ganja" has a very long history and it has been used for several purposes throughout the centuries. There are records of cannabis being used as a food ingredient and in some parts of Thailand and Southeast Asia, it is still used as condiment in foods or as medicine. The people from Thailand, also consumed cannabis as a source of fiber and it was a popular ingredient in boat noodle soup, which has been one of the traditional soups in Thailand for a very long time. 

Thailand, has also used cannabis as a medicine for many centuries now and it has been used in common massages for a long time as well. "Analgesic and sedative to control pain," is the description that the Thai Institute of Healing Arts has given to cannabis and this shows that the herb has been used as medicine before, it is being used as medicine right now and it should be allowed to be used as medicine everywhere.

The country of Thailand has also had some history of marijuana related to clothing and creating rope, as the fibers of the marijuana plant are very strong and easy to acquire. It is now well known that the Hmong ethnic group from Thailand, makes their clothes and other textile products from hemp, which is basically the marijuana plant, but without as much THC, which is the element that makes people high, when the plant is smoked or eaten. What most people might not know, is that Thailand is currently exporting some hemp clothing around the world and that they are one of the top suppliers. 

Muay Thai fighters have also been known for using hemp to keep their hands from getting hurt while they are fighting, as the hemp can easily be placed over each knuckle and helps to protect them. Now, Muay Thai fighters use Western-style gloves and the cannabis plant is no longer used in this sport. (Unless some of them wear some hemp clothing)

Currently, Thailand does not allow the consumption or sale of marijuana, but it can easily be found in Cambodia or Laos, which are neighboring countries and are not hard to reach, most of the time.

The History Of Marijuana Is Very Interesting

There are many facts about marijuana that people do not know about and many even believe that cannabis has been outlawed since the beginning of man kind, while the reality is that cannabis has not been allowed for only a few decades and that people have been using this herb for medicine, clothing, food, products and recreation for a very long time. 

It is time to accept that the current marijuana laws are affecting our society more than they are helping it and that the legalization of cannabis needs to take place now. Please remember to share and like this article and to subscribe to our newsletter, by leaving us your email in the box to the right, so that we can tell you more about the history of marijuana and what the world is doing about its legalization right now. 

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