Sunday, March 10, 2013

Uses Of Medical Marijuana For Pets

The Uses Of Medical Marijuana Reach Pets

Yes, it is true, marijuana can also benefit some pets who are suffering from certain illnesses and some vets, pet owners and others who approve the legalization of cannabis are now thinking about the uses of medical marijuana for our pets.

It has been proven that marijuana can benefit dogs, cats and other animals, just as it benefits humans when we are suffering from a certain disease and this is why it should be accepted to help our pets and us too.
There really should be nobody against using cannabis to help alleviate our pets’ pains, as they could really harm nobody by consuming the herb and they would really suffer a whole lot less. Some only argue about the amounts that should be given to dogs or cats and how the animals should consume the herb. This should really be the only concern about giving cannabis to our pets, as they are not going to be driving, they are not going to be working with heavy machinery and they are certainly not going to start craving cocaine, heroin or become meth addicts like many people say will happen once someone consumes cannabis in any way.

The uses of medical marijuana in pets are very similar to those in humans, but we should be careful with how much we give them, as their stomachs and blood flow is completely different from ours and they could get really knocked out if they eat more than one marijuana edible.

The Uses Of Medical Marijuana Still Need To Be Studied Further

Even if we are now certain of some of the benefits of cannabis for our bodies and those of our pets, there are still many studies to be made about medicinal cannabis, as current laws have not allowed scientists and doctors to do the studies that are needed right now, as it becomes hard for them to find marijuana and to possess it as well.

Below I have posted a video from The Young Turks Network, whose slogan is “The Largest Online News Show Network in the World”, where they talked about the topic of medicinal marijuana for pets and they gave some very smart opinions about it.

It is a short video and it only lasts a little over three minutes, but it will certainly give you an idea about the uses of medical marijuana in pets, as they talk about several things around the topic. They also show an excellent picture of a vet and a dog, which appears to be totally baked. The picture alone makes the video worth watching.

Learn More About The Uses Of Medical Marijuana

The legalization of cannabis is going to happen one day and it is only a matter of uniting and understanding that his herb is not as harmful as they have told us for nearly 100 years. There are many medical marijuana forms that humans and pets can benefit from and this is why the legalization of cannabis needs to happen soon.

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  1. Sorry but this seems ridiculus to me. It would be bad if they killed their dog by giving them too much.

  2. Thanks for the comment Tracy, your insight is apreciated. Although, the article states about giving our pets amounts of cannabis that they can tolerate, wecertainly don't want to harm our pets. Besides, there is proof that there is no such thing as overdosing from cannabis in humans, I am almost sure that it can't kill animals either, it would just make them sleep a lot. Soon I will upload a video of the Zip 420 Basset Hounds and you will know what I mean.