Monday, March 18, 2013

The Illawara Region Of Australia Wants Medicinal Marijuana

Medicinal Marijuana May Soon Come To Illawara

People in Illawara, which is a region of Australia, are now grouping up to try and get medicinal marijuana approved for medicinal purpose, as they are certain that it can help those residents of the region who suffer from cancer and that it can also help to alleviate their chronic pains.

Sally Crossing, who is a cancer survivor, told one of the New South Wales parliamentary committees that it really “seemed self-evident” what cannabis can do for people who suffer from certain diseases and pains. She also stated that “enabling the medical use of cannabis is commonsense and kindness.” Ms. Crossing is also the leader of the Cancer Voices New South Wales voluntary action group and they are certainly getting the attention of most of the Illawarra residents.

During her speech, Sally also said, “while we watch the Americas and Europe gradually seeing the benefits of treating cannabis like alcohol, let’s focus on this present compelling matter-allowing cannabis to be used as a medical drug for those symptoms it can alleviate.”

Right now, this group and the committee is trying to establish how medicinal marijuana should be dealt with, as well as how it should supplied to patients and people who need it the most.  The group that is being led by Ms. Crossing already has a large list of followers and it is in favor of medicinal cannabis, only if it can be properly regulated and certain medical protocols are followed.

Medicinal Marijuana Is An Excellent Option

Ms. Crossing also talked about how some harder or stronger drugs have been declassified from illegal drugs to legal and are now being used for medicinal purposes. She really doesn’t believe that cannabis can hurt anybody and she also thinks that other drugs are far worse than marijuana.  “Too many people think it’s the thin end of the wedge or the beginning of the slippery slope,” said Ms. Crossing. She also stated that there are many pain killers in the market, which produce side effects and that cannabis will work as well as those pain killers, but it will not produce the side effects that these do and she talked about how this was being proven in the US.

 “We see major benefits, specifically for relief of symptoms and side effects which are often not well managed now. We fully support the placement of controls to ensure appropriate prescribing protocols and safe and efficient delivery to people for whom it has been prescribed. I am speaking today for a lot of people, those who have cancer. Some of us will die of our disease and some won’t. Regardless, the comfort of knowing that a helpful drug has been added to the fairly limited offerings we have now would be very welcome,” were some of Ms. Crossing’s last words in her speech.

Medicinal Marijuana Needs To Be Approved Everywhere

People who have tried cannabis for medicinal purposes, know exactly how effective this herb can be and this is why it needs to be approved and prescribed to these people. Please remember to share and like this article, to join our Google Followers list and to subscribe to our newsletter by leaving us your email to the right. I will make sure you receive some interesting news about medicinal marijuana and other cool things.

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