Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Marijuana Prices In Mexico Are Incredibly Low

Consumption Is Increasing Due To Marijuana Prices

There are now many specialists who have determined that the consumption of cannabis in Mexico has increased at least 50% and that this is due to the very low marijuana prices in this country. According to these specialists, it is a lot easier to buy a marijuana cigarette, than it is to buy a tobacco cigarette box.

The studies have proven that a “joint” or marijuana cigarette is only worth $15 Mexican Pesos or about $1.1 USD, while a legal tobacco cigarette box is sold for around $40 Mexican Pesos or $3.5 USD.  Not only is the price of marijuana very low in Mexico, but it is also available almost everywhere and it is easy for anyone to find some.

According to a recent article in a Mexican newspaper, there is a young Mexican man, who has spent 20 years of his life smoking cannabis and who is truly convinced that it is less harmful than a normal tobacco cigarette. This young man also told the newspaper reporter that in the past, he had to hide to keep others from seeing him smoking the herb, but that today, he is capable of smoking it in public and that no one will say anything to him.

The young man, who we will call Ricardo, also said that teenagers, young adults and even children are not pressured into smoking cannabis like many of our parents told us and that in some parts of Mexico it has already become a trend, as it is very affordable and it is possible to smoke up to ten “joints” per day.

Marijuana Prices Are Turning Cannabis Into A Trend In Mexico

A marijuana cigarette is only worth six Mexican Pesos more than a normal tobacco cigarette and some of the major cities in Mexico, even offer the herb at lower prices in some of its neighborhoods.

In other nations of the world, smoking cannabis is considered a real luxury, as the marijuana prices that are offered there are extremely high. In Brunei, where cannabis consumption and alcohol are extremely punished, smoking a marijuana cigarette with the same quality as the marijuana that is found in Mexico City or Monterrey can reach prices of $3500 Mexican Pesos, which is about $280 USD.

These prices respond to the illicit that the activity is in the country and to the problems that one might get in to, if they are caught in possession of marijuana. These high prices can also be seen in Japan, were a single joint can go higher than $4000 Mexican Pesos or about $310 USD.

The Marijuana Prices In Mexico, Lead To Think That A Legalization Is Coming Soon

The prices that you can find marijuana for in Mexico only prove that legalization is soon to come and that this herb is already a trend in this country and other nations of the world. Please remember to share and like this article and to join our fan club to the right, as well as leaving us your email in the box to the right, so that we can send you our newsletter about marijuana prices and much more. 

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